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Please note that we are not medical professionals, and our advice is not intended to treat any disease or to substitute for the knowledge and advice of a medical professional. We're just trying to help by passing on what we've learned from others.

Q: How do I replace eggs in baking with a vegan substitution?

Q: How do I substitute whole wheat flour for regular flour when baking bars or cookies?

Q: How do I make buttermilk? Can I use it in any recipe?

Q: I'm trying to bake a vegan cake recipe that uses tofu and applesauce, and the center stays wet and never sets. What can I do?

Q: My doctor recently instructed me to cut out wheat to help control my asthma/allergies. I’m thinking about baking with spelt flour instead.

Q: I've been a vegetarian since I was a small child. People have always questioned whether I get enough protein. I have never been worried about it. I do eat soy but I keep hearing such controversy over not eating too much soy.

Q: It seems like every time i try to make a bread-like thing with yeast... it comes out rock hard, like a brick. Should I be adding gluten, like I've read professional bakers do?

Q: My parents are on the South Beach diet and haven't had pizza in a LONG time, so I figured I'd make them a "legal" pizza that conforms to their diet, although they'll have to deal with the Vegan cheese! Any suggestions?

Q: Is it possible to make pancake batter the night before, put it in the fridge overnight and then make the pancakes with it in the morning. I'm afraid they would be too flat if I tried that.

Q: What oils should I use to make Goodbaker mixes?

Q: I'm baking and I want to substitute rice milk (rice dream) for non-fat milk. Is it the same? Does 1 cup rice milk equals 1 cup cow milk?

Q: I tried to make a non-dairy vegan blueberry pie, but the filling was weird. I'm thinking it's because I used tapioca as a thickener. The little beads of tapioca did not "melt" all the way. Any hints as to working with tapioca so it would melt would be appreciated. If you have any other ideas for pie thickeners, like cornstarch, I'd love to hear those, too.

Q: I've read negative news about soy recently, following links on the web, I stumbled across some articles which really alarmed me. Should I stop eating soy?

Q: I have several recepies using corn starch.  I am told that tapioca works better.  I do not know the ratio of replacement of corn starch with tapioca.






  • whole ingredients
  • easy preparation
  • wholesome & delicious



  • rich, dark & fudgy
  • whole ingredients
  • low fat, great flavor



  • packed with flavor
  • whole ingredients
  • super easy to bake

Cake & Frosting


  • rich gourmet chocolate
  • whole ingredients
  • moist & delicious

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